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The Gems Newton Cup: 1986 - 2009


The Gems Newton Cup began as the Larry Gems Open (LGO) in 1986.  Original members included Larry Gems, Nick Gems, Dave Lockhart & Tom Anderson.  The LGO was a full stroke play event.  The last LGO was held in 1995, which was attended by Jamie Newton.  The LGO was the inspiration for Jamie to start the Gems Newton Cup (GNC), which was first held in 2001.  Every LGO & GNC has been held at the Radium Resort, in Radium, British Columbia.

The 2001 GNC was attended by sixteen players which made up two teams.  Both team competed for the cup, and there was an individual stroke play component.  The stroke play component was abandoned in 2004, and the new format consisted of four teams of six, which all compete in a Ryder Cup format to win the Gems Newton Cup.  Four players have attended every GNC.  Those players are Jamie Newton, Paul Newton, Shawn Eltom & Bob Fitzmartyn.

The Gems Newton Cup is a five round, Ryder Cup style event consisting of four-ball match play and individual match play.  Four teams of six play in a round robin for the first four rounds, and the teams leading after four rounds play a fifth round for the championship.

The tournament course record is held by Tyler McRae, who has shot 66 two times; in 2006 & 2008.

1986 - The inaugural "Larry Gems Open" is held at Radium Resort, and was won by Tom Anderson.

1987 - Low Gross: Tom Anderson

1988 - Low Gross: John Macbeth

1989 - Low Gross: Paul Newton

1990 - Low Gross: Tom Anderson

1991 - Low Gross: Tom Anderson

1992 - Low Gross: Dave Lockhart

1993 - Low Gross: Paul Newton

1994 - Low Gross: Rod Dumanski

1995 - Jamie Newton's first LGO tournament, and the inspiration to start the Gems Newton Cup.  Low Gross: Roly Luiten.

2001 - The first Gems Newton Cup is played at the Radium Resort, with a total field of sixteen players.  Team Newton won the cup, and David Newton won low gross.

2002 - The field expands to 24 players, and Team Gems wins the cup over Team Newton.  Neil Korchinski wins the low gross.

2003 - Low Gross: Trevor Zeck

2004 - GNC format change; 4 teams of 6 compete for the cup.

2004 - Team Gems wins the 2004 GNC.  Dave Lockhart wins MVP

2005 - Club Z wins  the 2005 GNC. Bob Fitzmartyn wins MVP.

2006 - Marks the 20th Anniversary of the first event held in Radium, the Larry Gems Open.

2006 - Team Gems wins the 2006 GNC.  Gerry Imbery is named MVP.

2007 - Team Newton wins 2007 GNC.  Ian Buckingham is named MVP.

2008 - Team Gems wins the 2008 GNC.  Ian Macdonald is name MVP.

The 2009 Gems Newton Cup®