JUNE 20 - 22, 2008



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Rumours abound about GNC 2008

With tournament chairman Jamie Newton uncharacteristically mum, and historically speaking, late on revealing details for 2008’s Gems Newton Cup, one wonders if there are some tricks up his sleeve with this year’s event.

Recent sightings of Mr. Newton in Toronto and the flat prairies in the middle of winter, and an imminent trip to Palm Springs, leads one to believe that there may be some major shakeups upcoming either with the tournament itself or the playing roster in June.

The official reason is “work” although any one who’s ever contacted Mr. Newton at work knows that “work” is quite far down the list of priorities on any given day in the SE Calgary Nestle offices.

In other news, the NHL trade deadline is not the only sporting organization involved in heavy rumors at this time of year. The always interesting trade season officially kicks off in a matter of weeks for the select available spots on the 4 GNC teams. Turnover is not yet known, but there are always surprises when it comes to the final roster.

Communication has been light between team managers, although one camp is thoroughly evaluating all potential possibilities of current GNC players, and potential players.

Team TNT is still searching for the magical formula to be able to put it all together, after consecutive years of missing the final matches by ½ point on Saturday. Free agent signing Jamie Newton last year provided some stability and consistency within the club, but as always, there are more interesting questions with the personalities on the roster at TNT, then solid answers.

Club Z has been very quiet about their plans…with Trevor Zeck stil guiding the ship at last report, the silence is not likely to last long.

Team Gems may have to do some retooling after a disappointing last place finish in 2007. Rumor is he exclusion of the country superstar, including his extensive entourage and groupies that partied through the night, may allow the team to refocus in 2008.

Team Newton always has rumors swirling about it, simply due to the grumpy and short tempered nature of its team members.  Team leader Paul Newton refutes that any moves are to be made….nor does he deny them.

“The only “No Movement Clause” anyone on Team Newton has is Bucky, for not being allowed to drop a deuce before tee off any of the mornings in the downstairs bathroom. I don’t know who told him that eating that last piece of pizza on Thursday morning was a good idea back in 2007, but the consequences for the entire condo reached biblical proportions.”

Certainly an interesting time in the next couple months as Radium braces for the whirlwind weekend of familiar faces that make up the GNC, in a few short months time.