JUNE 22 - 24, 2006



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Team Newton 2007 Team Preview - By Captain Paul Newton

Paul Newton: Captain:18-10-2

Gerry Imbery: Alternate Captain:14-10-1

Ian Buckingham: 6-7-2

Ray Kureluk: 1-4

Graham Lyons: GNC Rookie

Kevin Gilles:     GNC Rookie

As you can see “Team Newton” had nearly a complete overhaul in 2007. Due to a Family member leaving the team, Paul has reluctantly accepted the team captaincy, which as most of you know, was taken from him in 2006. This past winter he demanded a trade and was told in no uncertain terms “ that he couldn’t leave Team Newton” So much for “Family Loyalty”

Paul has put together a strong team in 2007 with returning rookie Ray Kureluk, fierce competitor Ian (Bucky) Buckingham is back, and 2 new players to the GNC. He truly believes the acquisition of Gerry Imbery has put a big hole in team Gems. Not only was Gerry the MVP of last years tournament, he was the glue that kept that team together. He’ll grind it out with the best of them and was named alternate captain for 2007, being groomed to take over the team in 2008.

I took the opportunity to “Google” the 2 rookies and found out some interesting info on both of them.

Graham Lyons

Graham currently resides in West Vancouver. He’s a terrific athlete and enjoys most sports, especially skiing and golf. He’s a past member of the prestigious “St. Georges Golf & Country Club” in Toronto where he was junior club champion. Rumor has it that he was a close schoolmate of “Bucky“ and he has requested that they bunk together in the same room.

Graham is also a fierce competitor and he has said he welcomes the visits to the condo’s to share some beers and laughs with the boys.

Kevin Gilles

Kevin currently resides in Calgary and loves the game of golf. His cousin, “Jason Zuback” the current long drive champion, worked with Kevin this past winter to hone his game. During a practice round at Radium last week, Kevin drove #1,3,4,5,6,9,10,11,13, & 18. (#3 he used a 9 iron)

Kevin also enjoys his beers and is looking forward to the “Bocce ball” tournament. He has thrown a bocce ball 200 yards and looks forward to the competition with team Gems.

In summary, our team looks forward to the many challenges of the 2007 GNC. We know that we will be competitive every round and that our experience “under fire” will result in that trophy being held high on Sunday afternoon.

“Bring it on”