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Trade Rumours Swirling; Dissension spinning within Team “Gems”

 “Let me call our real Captain, Dave (Lockhart), and see what he says.”

Chilling words, almost unbelievable.  But Kevin Miller, a Team Gems staple since 2004, in fact spoke these words this past Saturday morning.  Millers’ words were shared with the press by an anonymous source, upon Miller hearing the news that Kevin Gilles was the new addition to Team Gems for 2007, and it was not Nick Gems.

“It’s my call, and I’ve made it,” explained Team Gems Captain, Gerry Imbery, before hearing the news about Millers reaction.

The Gilles / Gems controversy began when Nick Gems had accepted an invite to return to the Gems Newton Cup. 

Gilles, who is a new addition for 2007, had confirmed his attendance prior to Gems.  Therefore, it was assumed by Captain Imbery that Gilles would join the Team Gems ranks.  But that the rest of the Gems squadron did not share the same assumption, as they had accepted Nick back, who competed for Team Gems in 2004/2005, and obviously shares the same namesake.

Seemingly, it appears that not all is well in the Gems camp.  No other members were available for comment at press time, but it is apparent that most members of Team Gems are not pleased, and are in severe disagreement with their Captain.  Millers’ stern words seemed to sum things up very eloquently. 

Imbery was also quoted, saying that he was going to change the name of their team, removing the beloved “Gems” from the title.  This could add more fuel to the already sweltering fire that is currently ablaze in the Gems camp.

 Another anonymous source has come forward with some reaction from Team Newton Captain, Jamie Newton, who is apparently quite amused by this turn of events.

 Furthermore, it is being reported that Newton has tabled a trade proposal for Imbery, but no details could be confirmed.

 “No comment,” was all that Newton snickered on Saturday afternoon, after hearing the news.

 Sources say that the potential trade could involve a swap that would break up the current team Gems, who is set to defend their title in 2006.

 As Newton shuffled into his vehicle, he was pressed again about whether a trade was imminent between Team Newton and Team Gems.

 As he was speeding away, he rolled down his window and said,

 “It would certainly make the Champions Dinner more interesting, wouldn’t it?”

 Indeed it would.

 But the only certainty at this point is that Team Gems is in impending ruins.

 Will they be ready to defend their title in 2007?  Only time will tell.