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Trevor Zeck to be next Gems Newton Cup Captain.

Trevor Zeck conquered the 2003 GNC by winning the stroke play event by three shots.  His next role in the GNC is to make sure that the team he captains will share his passion for the matches.

A no-nonsense player and the emotional leader on the last 2 teams, Zeck agreed Tuesday to become a GNC. captain for the 2004 Gems Newton Cup, according to a GNCA source speaking on condition of anonymity.

Zeck met with GNC Tournament Director Jamie Newton over Christmas and accepted the job after talking with his family, the source said.

GNC spokesman Larry Gems declined comment, except to say there would be an announcement Thursday at the Radium Resort, where the next Gems Newton Cup will be played.

"He was the obvious choice and the most qualified player for 2004," previous captain Jamie Newton said when told of Zeck’s selection. "Everybody respects him so much because he's such a standup guy. He'll be a great captain."

Reached on his cell phone, Zeck declined to confirm his selection.

Zeck said last week that if he were ever asked to be captain, he would not be afraid of any criticism that comes with the job.

"The neat part about that is you're in a big enough position that everybody not making that decision can sit around and criticize you," Zeck said. "If you're afraid to be second-guessed, you better not make any decisions."

Asked about his prospects of being a GNC captain, Zeck said at Christmas that he would be honored.

"Making GNC teams, whether as a player or a captain, is what you strive to do when you're young or old," he said.

Zeck played on two GNC teams, none more memorable than 2003 when he was the anchor of a Newton Jr. team that bested the Newton Sr, Team

He has had nagging back injuries and sleep apnea the last 18 months but still rallied to win to stroke play as well.

Tournament Director Jamie Newton played him only once during the team matches in 2003, but he said Zeck was the consummate team player when it came to the GNC.

"We had a discussion earlier in the week and he said, 'Anything to do with me will be accepted, so don't worry about me.' That goes to show that team is first with him," Newton said. "Winning was the only thing he was after."


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